The Easy Stock Solution app is a Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) solution developed by Slimstock and app builder Colleqtive in collaboration with Newco, supplier of non-food items. This solution ensures that the correct stock is available at every gas station.

As a supplier of non-food items within the gas station channel, Newco Europe offers this new service. “We are able to follow live what is being sold in the store. Through a connection between the cash register systems and the Slimstock software, we receive the sales updates in Slim4 every day. Based on this information, combined with a demand forecast model that takes into account trends and seasons, we prepare the next order. “

The Easy Stock Solution app ensures that the shelves are stocked with the correct assortment and an optimal stock level.

Since its establishment in 2004, Newco Europe has grown to become the market leader with a market share of eighty percent in the Benelux. The Eindhoven-based company is also active in Denmark, France and the UK. Non-food has a relatively small share in the entire store range of a gas station, but products such as car accessories, lighting, air fresheners and sunglasses do have a high margin.

Thanks to the Easy Stock Solution, Newco not only manages the shelf stock but also finances it. This means that Newco takes care of entire inventory risk. The new solution is part of the Customer Support Concept, which also includes a store check for potential customers.

“We map the store and the assortment, and give advice on the most ideal set-up for the non-food shelves. We know that these shelf plans contain the right products because we analyze the data of around 3,000 customers every day. ”With the Easy Stock Solution we take care of the non-food assortment for our customer so they can focus on other product groups. “

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