Retail Connected

Retail Connected

The Seamless Retail Solution

Retail Connected is a collaboration of software companies that offer “Best-of-breed” retail solutions. Thanks to the seamless integration of these retail solutions, Retail Connected includes the best practices and best values ​​in retail. You only pay what you need as Retail Connected makes optimal use of cloud solutions. With Retail Connected we offer you the standard, scalable and manageable solution that you need.

An initiative of

Retail Connected is an initiative of the following specialists in retail

What we do

Every partner within Retail Connected has its own specialty. You choose the specialist for the solution you need. Together we ensure that our solutions work well together according to best practices.

Our references

Colleqtive retail apps provide greater insight and control at Big Bazar.

The Apps for Retail from Colleqtive are controlled via Dynamics 365. As a result, both the head office and the stores always have insight into the current situation, stores can work more efficiently, they are better informed and the head office also has more control on the flow of goods. A good example of the collaboration of Retail Connected partners Colleqtive and GreatCircle.

If you are curious about what Retail Connected can mean for you, please contact us.

Newco takes care of everything thanks to Slimstock and Colleqtive

The Easy Stock Solution app is a Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) solution developed by Slimstock and app builder Colleqtive in collaboration with Newco, supplier of non-food items. This solution ensures that the correct stock is available at every gas station.

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Make room for innovation

Our world is constantly changing. You cannot stand if you want to play a significant role. You will have to continuously evolve and innovate. Differentiating on price and product is increasingly difficult. You will have to go one step further and offer your customers more value and more experience.


Avanade Joins Retail Connected

Avanade Joins Retail Connected

Retail Connected is a partnership of IT suppliers that offer standardized, scalable, and manageable solutions for the retail market, from cash registers to smart solutions in stores. Retail Connected partners are Slimstock, Darwin Merchandise Planner, Colleqtive,...

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