PRESS RELEASE – 28 October 2019

Retail Connected is a partnership of IT suppliers that offer standardized, scalable and manageable solutions for the retail market, from cash registers to smart solutions in stores. Retail Connected partners are; Slimstock, Darwin Merchandise Planner, Colleqtive, Broad Horizon and Cow Hills.

With the entry of Wolfpack DCS (Wolfpack) and their Omnichannel Retail Platform, Wolfpack forms the optimal connection between all solutions of the partners within Retail Connected. With their Omnichannel Retail Platform (ORP), Wolfpack offers a software solution that allows retailers to manage their inventory, product information and orders in real time via all online and offline sales channels. National and international retailers such as Open32, Denham and Cape Union Mart use the innovative software from Wolfpack.

“Retail Connected has set itself the goal of offering a Seamless Retail Solution and with the arrival of Wolfpack we are strengthening our proposition. Within Retail Connected we were looking for a partner in the field of order management with a great affinity with Microsoft. Wolfpack is the optimum connection between all partners. Whether it is the Apps from Colleqtive or the dynamic Min / Max in Slim4 or one of the other applications in the Retail Connected landscape. With Wolfpack we have filled in the missing link with a solution that can be seen as 100% Microsoft. ” said Herold van de Brug, Sales Director Cow Hills.

“All strong partners within Retail Connected have best-of-breed solutions. Wolfpack’s Omnichannel Retail Platform connects the online and offline retail world as middleware, and makes it possible to manage orders, products and inventory across all channels. Our ambition is to be the largest player in the market of order management systems built on Microsoft service fabric by 2025. The partnership with Retail Connected reinforces our position on the international market, ” said Koen den Hollander, CFO Wolfpack.

About Wolfpack

Wolfpack DCS (Wolfpack) has offices in Amsterdam and South Africa and delivers software solutions to national and international retailers with an omnichannel strategy. ORP has existing connections with applications such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Service, Marketing Cloud, Magento, Cowhills POS and various ERP systems such as SAP, Sage and Microsoft Navision. 

More information about Retail Connected. Then contact Bianca van der Woude, Industry Lead Retail. Mobile +31 (0)6 5710 5903

More information about Wolfpack. Then contact Koen den Hollander, co-founder and CFO of Wolfpack DCS.